Minecraft Xbox One Will Expand Your Xbox 360 Worlds

4J Studios has shed more light on the save transfer feature for Minecraft Xbox One. It seems the game will not only allow you to import Xbox 360 worlds but also grow them, too.

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The developers said in the past that Minecraft on Xbox One supports worlds up to 36 times larger than the Xbox 360 worlds. Xbox One worlds can't be transferred to the Xbox 360 version because of that larger size cap. Presumably Xbox 360 worlds that have been expanded on Xbox One will also be restricted.

Minecraft on Xbox One also supports greater draw distances so that you can appreciate the vastness of the worlds. 4J Studios released comparison screenshots between the Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions in the past to illustrate the improvement. Today they released another image to drive home the point:

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In case you're wondering, those structures based on a real piece of artwork. The Kelpies are the largest public artworks in Scotland. The two horsehead sculptures, created by Andy Scott, stand over a 100 feet tall near Falkirk. As you can see from this comparison shot, the Minecraft version is a spot-on replica:

Kelpies in Minecraft

I'm sure this sculpture would've looked really impressive in Minecraft on Xbox 360, too. However, the greater view distance on Xbox One means that you can see all the little details of the surrounding landscape as well. I'm sure it will be relief for Minecraft players on Xbox One to know that they can be as bold as possible with their designs and not have to worry about them being cut off prematurely by the game's draw distance.

Minecraft is expected to hit Xbox One in August. The PS4 and PS Vita versions will make debuting that month as well.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.