This past week, the indie heist game Monaco debuted on the PC. It was supposed to hit the Xbox 360 as well but that version was pushed back at the last minute. This morning, developer Pocketwatch Games explained the reason that they delayed the 360 edition.

Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine allows players to assemble a team of thieves and pull off daring heists. The team, playable by one person or up to four, is made up of characters with different abilities. The Lookout is able to spot danger from afar, the Locksmith can open any lock, the Gentleman can use disguises to pass security, and so on. Leaderboards allow you to measure your performance against other players across the world.

Pocketwatch delayed the game on Xbox 360 due to a bug with online play. While they describe the bug as "minor" on Facebook, they said it was causing disconnections for multiplayer. An update submitted earlier in the week failed to fix the problem. The developer's currently working on a second update to remedy the situation. No time table was provided.

"I can't promise any particular dates since I don't control that end of things, but I do know that fans are starting to get a little impatient with the lack of information. I wish I could give you more specific information, but until I have a confirmed fix, I won't be able to give a date. Hoping to have a little more information for you and fill you in on more of the details as soon as I have it!"

The delay is especially unfortunate because Monaco is well, good. Thus far the game has garnered strong reviews. Currently the PC version is at an 85 Metacritic rating.

If you're a PC gamer, you can pick up Monaco at Steam for $14.99. You can also get a four-pack for $44.99.

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