Montas, Survival-Horror Game Uses Oculus Rift For Ultimate Scares

Looking for a psychological horror game? One that aims to give you a very heavy, atmospheric adventure? Well, look no further than indie studio Organic Humans. The name of the game is called Montas and it's a game that will creep you faster than being stuck in a dark hotel room with Gary Busey. To make matters even worse (for the gamer) is that this game supports the Oculus Rift, which means that it'll literally be like walking around in that super creepy environment.

The game has a strong hint of BioShock's sort of desolate, dark settings meets System Shock's creepy and mysterious atmosphere. The modern setting also seems reminiscent of the indie film from Tarik Saleh, Metropia. There are a lot of clean lines and a somewhat sterilized look despite the misty haze that permeates the dark and foreboding environment. Huge props to the art team for creating a unique but identifiable aesthetic setting.

I love the look, feel and visual density of the game. There were no pop-out scares, no big monsters chasing you through some obnoxious pre-scripted cut-scene with quick-time events flooding the experience and no over-the-top action cues. The methodical but fully interactive pace made for ponderous viewing. For example, what would have happened if the player had followed the shadow down the hallway? And what would have happened if the player stayed on the train with that creepy big dude?

This trailer made for interesting viewing and I imagine (or hope) the gameplay is equally as compelling. And man, how creepy would it be playing this game with the Oculus Rift? Super creepy.

Being an indie title means that this game could turn out to be anything, really. So I'm quite excited. It also looks like the horror-survival genre is being kept alive and well...if you're a PC gamer. Poor console owners only get stuck with crappy AAA, hand-holding blockbusters. Such a shame.

You can learn more about Montas or vote for it by visiting the Official Steam Greenlight Page.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.