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When Moonlight Online was originally announced the game had art and aesthetics similar to that crappy series of movies known as Twilight. It was tough to stomach. However, the concept and design philosophy behind the game couldn't have been further from the Twilight series, and IGG has realized this and decided to scrap the tie-in to Twilight altogether.

According to IGG...
Prepare yourselves for an epic dose of Vampires, Humans and Werewolves locked in battles of rage and romance. Best of all, we’ve done away with all the mushiness and shininess of any teen pop movies.

Oh well that's such a relief there IGG, because I couldn't take all those posters of that shiny looking douche floating in the air looking like a poor-girl's Edward Cullen.

Instead, the team has recognized that the game needs to embrace the dark nature of its gameplay, environments and combat. In other words, IGG wants to move away from the Twilight teeny boppers and embrace the more gothic-core fans from a series like Underworld.

The game originally launched on Facebook as a free-to-play title to fix some of the glitches, refine the gameplay and prep for the client-side release. The time has come for IGG to release and test the beta client and they need the gaming press' help in spreading the word, and they also need your help to play and test the game and give them feedback. Hence, IGG has sent out a bunch of beta keys for their upcoming relaunch and we're continuing to give them away on our Facebook page.

You can register for Moonlight Online right now as it continues to undergo its makeover, by visiting the Official Website