The PlayStation Vita is getting some beautiful, action-packed Muramasa lovin’ in the U.S. now that Aksys Games has announced it will be publishing the game’s successor, Rebirth, in the States, giving us Yanks the chance to jump, dash and slash our way through the hand-drawn and colorful world of ancient Japan.

The follow-up to Muramasa: The Demon Blade! for the Nintendo Wii, Muramasa Rebirth keeps the same eye-bleedingly gorgeous graphics of the first game while enhancing the gameplay and content for a whole new audience on Sony’s new handheld, courtesy of Aksys.

The game proper will feature two separate storylines of high-flying platforming and lightning-fast demon slaughter. You’ll either take on the role of Momohime or Kisuke this outing, each with their own reason for fighting. Momohime is a troubled princess, possessed by an evil spirit. She must travel west in order to free herself of this terrible burden. Kisuke, on the other hand, is a skilled ninja who must travel east in search of the mysterious demon blades. He also happens to be suffering from amnesia, so chances are pretty good that he’ll be looking for some answers to where he came from along the way. Both will be able to collect 108 mysterious blades along the way, each with their own unique powers.

If that’s not enough, Aksys is also promising four additional characters, each with their own stories, will be made available as DLC following the game’s launch. No release date or a price point have been announced as of yet. For additional details, keep your browser tuned to the Muramasa Rebirth official website.

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