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Classic adventure game Myst is being resurrected on the Nintendo 3DS. Hoplite Research, LLC is developing a handheld port of the 1993 Mac game. It's set to arrive in stores in Spring 2012.

Myst is a first-person puzzle game. The main character has become stranded on a mysterious island with portals to different worlds, or "Ages". Players must travel to all of them to figure out why they are there and how they can leave.

Myst 3D, obviously, introduces three-dimensional graphics. That's not the only feature of note, though. This version also includes the Rime Age, a world that wasn't part of the original release. Rime was first introduced in realMyst, a 2000 remake of the game.

"The original Myst for PC systems was a groundbreaking game that brought the fantasy-adventure genre to mainstream casual gaming," said Ciciretto. "The new Myst honors that history by reintroducing this well-known franchise to younger generations."

Myst will hit the 3DS on March 27th.

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