The open beta for Dungeons and Dragons MMORPG Neverwinter is drawing to a close. Publisher Perfect World Entertainment revealed today that the game's public launch will occur this month.

The game's June 20th launch will coincide with the release of high-level Gauntlgrym content. Gauntlgrym is a long-forgotten Dwarven city found deep within the Underdark. This city will be the site of new PvE and PvP content for level 60 characters.

Cryptic Studios will continue to release new content for Neverwinter after launch. They're currently at work on Fury of the Feywild, a free expansion for the game. Feywild centers around an invasion of the Elven city of Sharandar by Fomorian Giants.

To ensure that new content updates are as smooth as possible, Cryptic plans to launch a test server called NeverwinterPreview. Select players will be able to log into NeverWinterPreview to try out new patches before they're pushed to live servers. More details will be announced soon.

Neverwinter is free to play. You can dive into the game by heading to the official site and downloading the client.

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