Nyko's Dual Charge Kit Discounted For Xbox One

While official third-party Xbox One gaming peripherals may require licensed use from Microsoft, such as headsets, headphones (or adapters to use non-licensed headgear), controllers and racing wheels, it's at least a good thing that gamers still have a choice in using non-licensed charge-kits.

Thankfully, Nyko recently released their dual charge station for the Xbox One, allowing users to power-up their system using NiMH rechargeable batteries for two controllers.

For those of you who don't know, Microsoft's official charging station will run you $74.99 if you buy it with a controller, or you can buy a single cable and charge kit alone for $24.99. The officially licensed charge kit from PDP (one of the three companies currently offering licensed peripherals for the Xbox One) carries a hefty $29.99 price tag with it. Conveniently enough, Microsoft doesn't have any dual-charging stations on the market at the moment, so you would have to buy two of their charge kits to power up more than one controller. You're looking at $50 just to keep two controllers charged.

Enter Nyko... the only company who seems to have your interest (and wallet) put into deep care. Their dual-charge base for the Xbox One – that also comes with two NiMH rechargeable battery packs, so you can either recharge two controllers at a time or keep a spare battery pack charged just in case – is available right now on Amazon for only $21.99

Now I know that the price isn't completely cheap, but it sure as heck beats paying the same price (or higher) for a single battery station and cable offered by Microsoft.

We even did a breakdown comparison of how much you would pay in total fees to own both an Xbox One and PS4, and it's funny because things that should have been included in the standard package (like a rechargeable battery or a charge kit for the controller) are all sold separately, which brought the total cost of the Xbox One (with an included game) to $591.

In this case, Nyko's charge base for the Xbox One would knock off $3... bringing the total to $588.

It's not that much of a difference, but still, if you can save a few bucks where you don't need to spend it, I would at least say that's better than over-spending.

Now there is a drawback to the Nyko kit, and it's that it lacks a cable charge for the controllers. So if you play two-player games often and both controllers die, they'll need to charge on the base and you won't be able to play with them until they're finished.

On the upside, however, you're getting two rechargeable battery packs with Nyko's kit for the price of one battery pack and one cable with Microsoft's official kit. By and far, Nyko definitely seems to offer a better deal here. I would have jumped on this myself had I not already wasted money on another charging station.

You can grab the Nyko dual charge kit for the Xbox One from Amazon right now for only $21.99. You might want to get on the deal before they're all snatched up.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.