The $99 Android-powered home game console has been under a lot of criticism ever since it originally managed to hit its Kickstarter goal during the summer earlier this year. Well, Julie Uhrman?, the founder and CEO at OUYA showcased exactly what's in the box for the devkit version of the console, which recently became available just this month.

Just to get everything in the clear, the OUYA is not entirely finished. The game console is set for release this upcoming spring in March, 2013. The console will open a whole new door of video game interactivity within the living room, allowing indie developers and mobile enthusiasts to explore a completely new alternative for home entertainment without requiring a PC or an expensive HD console.

You can check out the unboxing of the OUYA below, which shows off everything you get when you purchase one for only $99.

The OUYA has been receiving tons of criticism for not being able to follow through with what was promoted on the Kickstarter. I don't see why it can't, though. Cheap games that are actually fun and capable of being played on an Xbox 360-style controller with passably decent HD graphics is kind of a dream come true for console gamers who are tired of overpriced junk from AAA publishers who are pimped out by douche bag shareholders. I mean, wouldn't be nice to get games like Gears of War without a $60 price tag and the requirement of an XBL account to play online? And wouldn't be nice to get more games like DayZ or StarForge but you're able to play it from the comfort of your couch? Well...there's Steam's Big Picture Mode, but you get my drift.

Anyway, the OUYA is set for release March, 2013. Devs are currently slaving away at games to prep for the console's launch. I'm curious how well this will all play out and whether it will become big enough to eventually land on retailer shelves?Time will tell, no doubt about it.

You can learn more about OUYA by paying a visit to the official website.

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