Originally released for the Xbox game console, both Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee and Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath took the series in a brand new direction; specifically in the direction of a third dimension. Both games were also hailed by critics as fun, bizarre takes on the adventure and first-person shooter genre and, later this month, both games will be feeling the love on PlayStation consoles as Wrath makes the leap to Vita and Munch pays a visit to the PlayStation Network.

While Stranger's Wrath hit PSN a few months ago, it's now ready to make a transition to the portable scene as a PlayStation Vita version of the game arrives on Dec. 18 for $14.99. Wrath is a tale of a dark and sinister bounty hunter on a quest for vengeance in the wild west of Oddworld. Your weapon of choice will be a crossbow that shoots critters, actual small animals that behave differently when fired. This latest version of the game will feature new touch controls for the Vita, native screen resolution graphics and the ability to explore Oddworld no matter where you go.

Munch's Odyssey, on the other hand, has never appeared on a PlayStation console until now. Munch is a bizarre little guy (no surprise considering the franchise he hails from) who is out to free his fellow captives from a nasty testing facility. Originally released on the Xbox more than a decade ago, Oddworld: Munch's Odyssey will be arriving on the PlayStation Network in “late December” here in the states. Given a beautiful new HD paint job, PlayStation gamers can help Munch save the day for $9.99.

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