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On-demand gaming platform OnLive is entering a round of public testing. Gamers who signed up for the beta at OnLive's website should be on the lookout for an email.

OnLive founder Steve Perlman says on his blog that it's not too late to sign up if you haven't already done so. When you sign up for the beta, you'll provide information about your ISP, location, and computer so that you can be sorted into one of several test groups. If you're chosen for a test group, OnLive will send you an email that asks you to run a performance test on your computer and network connection.

OnLive is a streaming games service that allows the consumer to play a variety of games on even a low-end PC or Mac. The games are stored and rendered on OnLive's servers and then delivered to the gamer via an online connection. The service has created no shortage of controversy since it was announced at GDC in March. In the best case scenario, it could actually make it unnecessary for gamers to shell out money for consoles or costly upgrades to their PC.

The service is expected to go live in winter 2009. OnLive's public beta was targeted for this summer so they more or less achieved that goal. Whether or not the service launches on time will obviously depend on how well the testing goes.

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