If you weren’t a fan of Adrian Brody in Predators but enjoyed watching him pump the jungle full of shells with his automatic shotgun, well you’ll probably like the new update to Operation 7, which features a tactical new map and a drool-inducing shotgun that would make an assault rifle cry in a corner like a baby.

In addition to the new shotgun there are new parts available for guns already in the game, including gold plated parts for the WA2000, SPAS-15 and the G3 Assault Rifle. Park E.S.M also added in new tear gas grenades and full body armor that can absorb up to 30% of the damage from some weapons.

The new map, Prypiat, features busted up buildings and underground tunnel access and a few sniping points. It's a mix of a war-torn urban environment and industrialized complexes, making for some intense and tactically fuelled gameplay.

If you enjoy building your own gun from the ground up and blasting people to smithereens with it, then you’ll probably enjoy Operation 7 with its proprietary WMS (weapon modification system). You can download the game for free and start playing by visiting the Official Website. And remember…it only takes one shot.

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