Spiral Game Studios released a new trailer in celebration of the game's multiplayer beta test that kicked off this week, showcasing some of the brand new dinosaurs that players will be exterminating (as well as playing), along with some of the enhanced vehicular physics, new weapons and environments.

The trailer looks pretty slick and finally gives us a lot of action happening on the screen all at once. It looks a lot less like a media promotional video and more like snippets of real-time gameplay of gamers actually getting their game on. Let's not forget that real gameplay was the only reason DayZ became the phenomenon that it did on YouTube.

With the beta for Orion: Dino Horde underway it'll be cool to start looking for videos of gameplay to start emerging – whether they're straight laced or fondling the limits of the experience to find glitches for a few laughs, community vids are a great way to get the game out there and they should start popping up soon.

For those of you who didn't know, if you purchase Orion: Dino Beatdown you're already keyed in to receive the sequel for free. You can look for the game to launch this spring for PC and a release on the PS4 is still on the table. For more information be sure to pay a visit to the official website.

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