PS4 Is Substantially Better Than Xbox One Even With DirectX 12, Says Stardock CEO

There seems to be a lot of hoopla over Brad Wardell's recent comments about the performance between the Xbox One and the PS4, in regards to upcoming enhancements from DirectX 12. However, don't let the Xbox One's “Banana Surprise” tempt you into thinking that it will ever be on par to the PlayStation 4.

Videogamer recently reported on the comments made by Stardock Entertainment's CEO, Brad Wardell – the same company behind games such as Sins of a Solar Empire and Galactic Civilizations – where some gamers asked the CEO on Twitter whether or not the DirectX 12 upgrade for the Xbox One would make a difference, where he responded saying...

"One way to look at the XBox One with DirectX 11 is it has 8 cores but only 1 of them does dx work. With dx12, all 8 do.""I think it'll make it easier to have games run at higher resolution and have more objects on screen at once."

While this may seem like great news for the Xbox camp, it didn't last very long as a few more questions peppered onto the main entrée of the console war conversation changed the landscape for which console received praise and which one ended up with the banana surprise splashed all over its face.

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That's unsurprising, given that the benchmarks back up this statement and all those 792p games on the Xbox One agree, as well. Heck, even the CEO of Just Add Water chimed in to make sure that everyone knows the PS4 is better than the Xbox One.

Others decided to jump in on the fray, asking Wardell about whether the drivers or the API (the software design tools) would affect performance more, to which Wardell replied with the following...

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Wardell finished off the bit by also answering a question about the performance of DirectX 12 for the Xbox One; but the answer left many in the black and green camp with salt-sprinkled cheeks and an demeanor more somber than a lover scorned, as he simply stated that there was no way to know what the performance gains would be “until it comes out and devs use it.”

2015 sure is looking far, far away right now.

The good part is that all that salt generated from the Xbox fanboys caused Scorpio Bulkers Incorporated to get a hike in their stock price, going up by more than three-fifths of a percent on the market today (they're a salt company, by the way).

Mmm boy, that's a lot of salt.

Funnily enough, this news was also met with a lot of insecure fanboyism from the PlayStation crowd. Shocking, I know.

Twitter users actually started accusing Wardell of being in the pockets of Microsoft, as if the company just cuts checks for $750,000 to just any and everyone. Sorry, you have to have some pretty big sway for that to happen, and Wardell ends up busting the bubbles of many-a-fanboy when he stated the following...

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Good goodness, the console war can get hot and heavy in some parts of the interwebs. Brad should definitely get a pair of flameproof jockstraps, it might help stave off some of the hot salt when you're out there in the thick of it. Alternatively, you could learn to stay up high and pick your shots like a conniving sniper... Yoshida-style.

But in case the point wasn't readily driven home: The “Banana Surprise” isn't ever going to put the Xbox One on par to the PS4, but it might help get it out of the mud and onto some asphalt... or rather, out of poverty resolutions and into eighth-gen territory.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.