Payday 2: Big Bank Heist DLC Trailer Is Inventive And Awesome

Using the game's in-engine assets, Overkill Software put together a creative new promotional trailer for Payday 2's upcoming DLC called the Big Bank Heist.

The trailer follows on the recently announced Big Bank DLC that Overkill let loose not but a few days ago, along with a promotional trailer that lays out a roadmap of upcoming goodies for Payday 2 called “The Dentist”.

The video above is an exceptionally well done machinima using the in-game assets of Payday 2 from the upcoming Big Bank heist. It's done in a way that actually follows a pretty cool narrative about a self-employed entrepreneur who is looking for a loan from the bank for his bobble-head endeavor. Unfortunately for him, the bank decides to pass up on the loan and rejects him.

Feeling dejected and hopeless, the bobble-head scrub is prepping to leave when Dallas and his crew storm the bank and perform a hostile takeover of the establishment.

Bobble-head scrub decides to call the police, which nets him capture by the intruders as they go on a money-milking spree, squeezing every single drop out of the teats of the bank's reserves like a farmer squeezing the udders of a cow.

All that cash eventually gets to bobble-head scrub, and he sort of wants to get in on the action himself. Besides, the bank screwed him over and he doesn't owe them anything... right? Right?!

Well, bobble-head scrub helps wave down the getaway copter for the robbery crew and gets caught ever-so-briefly in the crossfire between the SWAT and the robbers. For all his trouble? Dallas tosses him a wad of cash... well, it's his reward just as much as it's his demise.

The trailer is a sleek bit of promotional material that works well to setup the launch of the Big Bank DLC. I can't wait (it' just too bad I won't have time to play it).

The Big Bank and the casino heist both seem like a ton of fun, but we haven't seen the casino stage just yet. That's coming sometime later this year. I can already imagine the visual spectacle as well as the dynamic shootouts that could take place. It could be marvelous!

For now, you can sit back and hold tight as Overkill preps to release the upcoming heist this July.

If you like what you see be sure to pay a kind visit to the game's official website. Payday 2 is available right now on the Glorious PC platform, the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. I certainly wouldn't mind a cross-gen release of this game.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.