PAYDAY 2 Death Wish DLC Launching Today With New Difficulty Level

Payday 2 will receive a free "Death Wish" DLC pack today. This add-on provides a brand-new difficulty level to challenge veterans of the co-op shooter.

"No one knows how the Death Wish difficulty alters a heist – bridges that were whole are now destroyed, skylights in buildings roofs have appeared and if I were you I'd be careful to use the wrong ingredients while cooking meth," Overkill Software says of the new difficulty setting.

The update also adds two new enemy types to the game. The GENSEC Elite SWAT's look like they'd be really good at killing a bank robber such as yourself. The Elite Bulldozer is an armored, machinegun-wielding foe that will require some combined fire to bring down.

In addition to challenging veterans, the Death Wish DLC provides a few nice rewards. The "350K" brass Knuckles will be added to your arsenal for free. There are also four masks and 35 achievements to be unlocked.

Death Wish is the second end-game update for Payday 2. The first, Infamy, provided players with progression beyond reputation level 100. Level 100 players can now earn points to put in a new Infamy skill tree and unlock bonus masks, materials and patterns in the process.

While many pieces of Payday 2 DLC have been free, a few require money. The premium add-ons include the Armored Transported Pack, which adds two heists, and the two Gage Weapon Packs. To celebrate the release of Death Wish, Overkill is lowering the price of these packs by 50% through the weekend.

The Death Wish DLC appears to be live on Steam right now, though the availability might vary by region. No word yet on whether the console versions of Payday 2 will get this content ever. Xbox 360 and PS3 players have missed out on most of the DLC to this point so their chances of receiving Death Wish probably aren't good.

The screenshots and trailer for Death Wish are below. The Elite Bulldozer looks about as intimidating as you'd expect.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.