Pirates Of The Burning Sea Joins Portalus Games

By the end of the month, starting tomorrow, Pirates of the Burning Sea, the seafaring, pirate blasting, trade-merchanting MMORPG will no longer be under the wings of Sony Online Entertainment. While it's sad that SOE is abandoning ship, Portalus Games will be taking over and reins and moving forward at full speed ahead.

Russell Williams, Co-founder of Flying Lab Software, the developer behind the MMO, took to the net waves to address the community and assuage those who may have been worried about the possibilities of Pirates of the Burning Sea, letting gamers know that the MMO would not be dead, just out of the SOE waters.

Williams commented in the player notification letter that...

I'm personally very excited about Portalus and I'm looking forward to where they'll be taking PotBS, but it will be as a player, not as a member of the development team. I've had a lot of great moments in the development of Pirates, and while the details of these moments are wildly varied, they all revolve around the same thing: interacting with you, the players. We decided to build an MMO because we wanted to have a more direct relationship with our players, and PotBS came through in spades. I’ve enjoyed going out, and meeting and talking with so many of you, and I wouldn’t trade a moment of it for the world.

Well, hopefully Portalus Games picks up where SOE and Flying Lab Software left off, turning it into a primetime MMO player once more.

If you're worried about character data and progress, take note that the official server shutdown notice is set for 10:30pm PST on January 31st, tomorrow.

You can learn more about the switch in network operators and character transfers by visiting the official Portalus Games website.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.