PlayStation 4's Remote Play Now Works On Android Devices, Thanks To Hackers

Anyone who's purchased a PlayStation Vita has plenty to complain about. The console's disappointing library and proprietary memory cards are at the top of the list, but there is one feature that Vita owners have always been able to brag about: Remote Play.

However, thanks to a plucky, young hacker, many smart phone users now have the ability to play Bloodborne while sitting on the toilet. Remote Play now works on most Android phones.

To be fair, the app isn't perfect. There are some lag issues, and there's no guarantee that it'll work with your device. But according to Kotaku, the application has been tested on several Samsung devices, Nvidia's Shield(s), and the Moto X.

And it's free, so there's really no drawback.

Well, I suppose if Sony decides to put on one of those Sherlock Holmes hats and play Remote Play gumshoe, there could be a problem. There might, after all, be a way to detect which devices are interfacing with the PlayStation's Remote Play system. Though, I can't imagine that Sony is interested in punishing a bunch of PlayStation 4 owners who just want to utilize one of the console's most advertised features.

But if that happens, don't say I didn't warn you.

Remote Play

So, how does it work? Well, a user named Twisted89 simply ported Sony's official PS4 Remote Play app to any phone running Android 4.0 or higher. Until this week, this app was available exclusively on Sony's Xperia devices, but Twisted89 tore the walls down.

He even spent some time coding support for the PS4's DualShock 4. So, now you can simply plug a controller into your phone and play.

Here's a breakdown of the app's features:

  • Root Check/APK Signature Check Disabled.
  • Connection Speed Check Removed.
  • Wifi Check Removed.
  • XML/JAR Dependencies Removed.
  • Downgraded Minimum Required SDK to 4.0.
  • Native controller Support for Dualshock and Nvidia Shield (Beta)

It'll be interesting to see how Sony handles this. The company has been trying to limit Remote Play to the PlayStation Vita and its Xperia line of phones, but now that the app is out in the open, things have changed. Obviously Sony would like to maintain control of the PS4's functions, and now that control has been put in the hands of someone named Twisted89. So, the company might have enough incentive to release an official Remote Play app for Android users.

Then again, Sony could just rework the PS4's Remote Play protocols and kneecap Twisted89's work. Stay tuned.