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Pledge Quest Game Released To Support Space Quest Kickstarter

A fan-made game cooked up in just under 72 hours has been released to help promote the kickstarter for the Two Guys From Andromeda SpaceVenture as they aim to rekindle their game-making magic with a new Space Quest-style adventure game.

If it sounds confusing I'll just take it down a notch from internet highway speeds and dial it back to small town rotary phone speed: A small group of Space Quest fans have come together to work on a small game project. Within three days the fans made a small playable game where players assume the role of Bea (a character named after Beatrice, the love interest of Space Quest hero Roger Wilco). Bea's objective is to get a credit card, log-in to the computer and make a pledge to help out the Two Guys From Andromeda kickstarter project, all from the comfort of her small apartment.

The game is a last ditch effort to help get the funding secured for the kickstarter project, which has to reach its goal in just under five days. That's right, the guys are 70% done and they only have five days to meet the $500,000 mark. Right now they're sitting at the $354,812 mark, so they're close, but it's no cigar.

If you enjoyed making those hamburgers in Space Quest 4, cleaning up the space trash in Space Quest 5 or embracing the cyber-punk hilarity of Space Quest 6, then now is the time to join in and fund the game that you would probably pray never gets picked up for publishing by Activision or Electronic Arts, lest you'll have to deal with always-on DRM for a single-player game.

You can play the Pledge Quest game right now, which is available for free over at the Pledge Quest Website. Alternatively, you can donate to the Two Guys SpaceVenture kickstarter by visiting their Official Page. I sure hope these guys meet their goal within the deadline, we could use a few more point-and-click adventure comedies.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.