So you know how in FPS games you just don't get enough bare-knuckle brawls? You know how you also get that itching feeling to punch an annoying player in the nose with your fist but you usually just can't? Well, Project Blackout changes all of that with their melee-based feature called Knuckle Mode.

There are a few MOFPS games out there that focus on these kind of modes, but usually it involves a knife or melee weapon like in Combat Arms or A.V.A. But Project Blackout wants players exercising their inner Bruce Lee and to extend their aggression on other players using the fleshy carcass of an avatar's fingers to pummel an enemy's mushy skin-pie situated on top of their shoulders.

JT Hwang, Project Blackout producer for SG Interactive commented in the press release, saying...
“With Project Blackout we are constantly asking ourselves how we can interject new gameplay modes, much like last years’ Dino Mode,”...“Knuckle Mode is the latest team deathmatch gameplay with a twist, allowing players to learn how to better stalk each other without the aid of short or long-range weaponry.”

That's some tricky business right there. I mean, how do you beat the crap out of multiple players just using your fist? Do you use the duck-and-punch tactic? How about the jump-and-bop tactic? Is strafe-punching effective or twirl-hitting? Those deep philosophical questions will have to be taken into consideration before hopping into the game.

Speaking of hopping into the game...SG Interactive's first-person shooter is available right now and is currently free-to-play. You can download the client and start punch-killing people by simply heading on over to the Official Project Blackout Website.

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