A new indie game from Ed Key and David Kanaga and published by Twisted Tree Games has officially launched for Steam. The name of the game? Proteus. What do you do? You walk around and explore the world. What's so special about it? The entire experience is never the same every time you play and it's described as “Doom meets Brian Eno”.

I don't know what to really think of this game; it appears to be a mix of something from thatgamecompany and maybe Mojang. It's hard to get a gauge on the game from the videos and screenshots but it certainly looks interesting.

The real neat thing is how the game modifies, changes, forms, alters and transforms as players traverse the land. The day and night cycles, the weather effects, the art-style...it all resonates a very unique kind of experience that's hard to put into simple words.

I like what Ed and Dave have done here and more games like this are always a welcomed addition to the growing and diverse library of titles available on Steam.

You can learn more about Proteus or pick up a digital copy that's 10% off right now by visiting the official Steam page.

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