The latest trailer for PlayStation 3 exclusive, The Puppeteer, is here, showing off three and a half minutes of story and gameplay footage straight from the Tokyo Game Show floor.

Well, it wasn’t shown on the Tokyo Game Show floor, really. More like a giant screen on the well. But you get my meaning.

Looking like LittleBigPlanet’s long lost kid brother, The Puppeteer features an adventurous marionette with an enchanted pair of scissors, lost in a world of frightening witches and massive papercraft tigers. No, really…

The Puppeteer turned more than a few heads when it was first shown off during Gamescom 2012. It’s one of those rare console games that dares to be different and, based on this latest TGS trailer, it looks to be absolutely overflowing with fun and charm.

The trailer was officially revealed on the PlayStation Blog this morning, with SCE Worldwide Studios Art Director Gavin Moore stting that auditions for voice actors are still ongoing, followed by a request that viewers not be too harsh on the voice work in the trailer, as it’s almost exclusively done by him.

Now all we need is a release date. We’ll forgive any vocal mishaps, Moore, if you’ll just tell us when we can get our hands on this game.

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