id Software's post-apocalyptic shooter RAGE may finally receive some downloadable content. PEGI, the video game ratings board for Europe, is now listing something called RAGE: The Scorchers.

The Scorchers are one of the six bandit clans that patrol the ruined world of RAGE. They apparently worship the asteroid that nearly wiped out all life on the Earth. Their clothing and vehicles are decorated with fire images. They presumably wield flamethrowers, too.

If you played through RAGE, you probably haven't heard of the Scorchers. That's because id was forced to cut them out of the game toward the end of development. Looks like the development team decided to hang onto the Scorchers material they had created and build post-launch DLC around it.

PEGI's listing (via Siliconera) only tells us a little about RAGE: The Scorchers. It mentions that Scorchers will appear on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. ZeniMax and Bethesda are listed as the publishers, which rules out the possibility that this rating is for a completely unrelated game.

Bethesda promised in April that they had big news to share about RAGE during that month. However, no announcement ever came. I suppose they decided to focus their energy on first announcing Skyrim's Dawnguard expansion.

It's possible that Scorchers could be an expansion pack just like Dawnguard. After all, id Software has had almost nine months to work on it. Considering there's been no other post-launch content for RAGE, I'd say that the player base has earned a big addition to the game.

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