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Rainbow Moon hit the PlayStation Network late last year, winning over many a gamer with its classic Roleplaying gameplay, lovely visuals and charming story. If you’re in to planning your sequel purchases extremely early, then you’ll be happy to know that a follow-up, Rainbow Skies is headed to consoles and portable devices sometime in late 2014.

That’s right, you only have just shy of two years to save up those pennies for the next installment in the fantasy roleplaying Rainbow series. No, I’m serious. If you save like two pennies a day, you’ll likely have enough to pick up Rainbow Skies. That is assuming, of course, that it will remain a $15 downloadable title for those home and portable consoles that have yet to be named.

SideQuest Studios and eastasiasoft have once again teamed up for this latest offering that is still in the early stages of development.

“Built on Rainbow Moon’s system, Rainbow Skies is a completely new game that is set in a new world with new characters and a new story,” said SideQuest CEO Marcus Pukropsi. “A lot of feedback has been taken into consideration and we are confident that Rainbow Skies will offer an even deeper and more versatile gameplay experience, while staying absolutely true to its roots.”

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the features you can expect in Rainbow Skies.

-Monsters can be caught, upgraded and become part of the player’s party.
-An advanced battle system with new combo attacks.
-New treasure-hunt quests and an improved side quest system.
-Various buildings can be entered and explored.
-A lot of new and exciting dungeon elements.
-Tons of new content.

For more information leading up to Rainbow Skies’ distant launch date, stay tuned to the game’s official website. I am assuming that this news means you can also start getting pumped for Rainbow Galaxy, set to arrive on the Nintendo PlayBox 1080 sometime in Spring 2018.

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