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Reef Entertainment's upcoming Rambo game has finally received some first assets including in-engine screenshots and a debut trailer. The actual gameplay is still a ways off and won't be showcased until GamesCom, but the screenshots and debut trailer are definitely good enough to hold us over until then.

The Gaming Liberty posted up the first set of screens and the trailer and it all looks very promising. The visual style, in the jungle areas, seems to mimic Far Cry or the original Crysis. That's definitely good news considering that Far Cry: Evolution, Predator, Instinct and all those other ones that were spin-offs of the first game were pretty much Rambo-in-the-jungle homages.

The screenshot of the small town is also promising because it seems as if the game will span the entirety of the first trilogy. It's tough to tell if the politically motivated fourth film will play a role in the Rambo game. Still, the debut trailer really gets you pumped for the upcoming title and it's definitely worth checking out.

There's a ton of speculation on the gameplay style, many gamers are assuming it's going to be a Splinter Cell meets Uncharted mash-up, which might make sense. Others believe that this will be more of a Gears of War meets Call of Duty mash-up. I think both assumptions could be somewhat correct, as I imagine the game will mostly be a third-person shooter with minor stealth elements and a first-person bow-and-arrow shooting meta-game.

You can check out the new screenshots below and we'll definitely keep you tuned in for any additional information on the upcoming title.

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