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Redbox is ready to fully commit to its game rental service. Next month they'll begin offering games through 21,000 kiosks in the United States.

Founded in 2003, Redbox primarily dealt with DVD trading in the past. Its kiosks - located in grocery stores, pharmacies and other locations - allow you to get movies immediately and then pay with debit or credit card. Each machine holds between 70 and 200 different titles.

Starting on June 17th, Redbox kiosks will offer Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3 games. The selection will range from "top releases to popular family and kids' titles." The games will cost $2 a day to rent.

Redbox has been testing game rentals in select U.S. cities since August 2009. The tests involved 5,000 kiosks eventually and over one million games were rented.

The company said its Redbox video game rentals would cost $2 per day. It currently rents DVDs for $1.50 per day. The move follows a test of video game rentals in some U.S. cities. That test began in August 2009 and involved 5,000 kiosks. The company said it rented more than 1 million video games in less than two years and that it will rent videos for Sony's Playstation, Nintendo's Wii and Microsoft's Xbox.

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