Reloaded Games, the new parent company of GamersFirst, announced that their ARMAS distribution platform has added Taikodom, Super Monday Night Combat and World of Battles to their line-up of titles, which are currently available on the GamersFirst distribution channel.

Rahul Sandil, Chief Marketing Officer for Reloaded Games commented in the press release, saying...
“We are stoked to launch these great titles on our platform, in addition to the existing blockbuster hits APB Reloaded, Fallen Earth, Sword2 and War Inc.,”...“The 30 million gamers in our network and on our site can look forward to us adding dozens of new games over the next several months” he added. “Likewise, our game development partners get instant access to a hard-core gaming audience that has a proven voracious appetite for hard-core freemium and free2play games.”

The ARMAS platform launched back in July when K2 Networks rebranded as Reloaded Games. The toolset and distribution network enables developers to make use of information and key design tools to help increase their audience, monetize their games and help with the always-popular social integration facilities.

The three games joining the platform are Taikodom, Hoplon Infotainment's fully scaled, immersive 3D dogfighting space simulator that focuses on intense PVP action and ship customization. Super Monday Night Combat sort of speaks for itself, but Uber Entertainment's action shooter is a multiplayer arena shooter that encompasses elements from MOBA-style games. World of Battles is a tabletop-style game that puts players in control of units and equipment on the battlefield with real-time strategy gameplay and specialized unit customization to help give players a bit of identity while facing off against others.

You can learn more about Reloaded Games' platform and the ARMAS toolset by visiting the Official Website.

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