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One of the most requested remakes from gamers has been a remake of Resident Evil 2. The HD remake hasn't been teased from Capcom but other modders and gamers have prototyped how they think it would look. Well, Capcom is finally getting in on the hype train for an HD remake and they hint that it might happen.

Gamespot spotted a post from Capcom producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, the same designer behind the recent Resident Evil HD, the remastered rendition of the original game. According to Hirabayashi, he pitched to the Capcom higher-ups about possibly doing a Resident Evil 2 HD version for today's generation of home consoles.

The report doesn't say what Capcom has thought about the pitch, but word around the block is that Capcom is high on the idea of doing more HD remasters. The company saw some strong sales from the recent Resident Evil HD – with the game moving more than a million copies – and they mentioned that they were committed to doing more HD remasters if demand was there. Well, it might be safe to say that demand for a remaster/remake of Resident Evil 2 is definitely there.

Fans have already jumped ahead of Capcom by doing a version of the game in the Unreal Engine. There was a lot of positive feedback for the fan version of Resident Evil 2, and it spread through the internet causing a lot of gamers to question when Capcom would be doing an official remake/remaster.

The likelihood is that Capcom will definitely remake one of the more popular Resident Evil games. One of their hold-ups could be that doing a “remaster” may not work since there haven't been any official HD versions of Resident Evil 2, so technically they would have to remake a lot of the game from scratch.

In the case of Resident Evil HD, the game is a remastered version of a remake from the GameCube. While a lot of the assets were still remade, there was still a foundation on which to build the remastered version. For Resident Evil 2 all those assets are low fidelity and too old to use for today's HD machines. So their reluctance to tackle the project could be that they just don't want to spend the resources to remake so much of the original game.

Of course, if a fan could remake a portion of the game in HD all on their own with only reference materials and some assets from the newer games, professionals at Capcom should be able to churn out a proper remake in a decent amount of time.

If the idea was pitched to them recently then it would likely take a year before we could actually see it on digital shelves. If the team have already been prototyping a remake for Resident Evil 2 then it's possible that they could have something done as soon as January, 2016 depending on the work-rate.

Nevertheless, Capcom loves re-releasing their games and if they find a cost-effective way to get more Resident Evil games done – and continue to sell a million plus units with each outing – then you can bet your bottom dollar that they're already brainstorming on a remastered version of Resident Evil 2.

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