Resident Evil 6 Copies Leaked, Rumored To Be On Torrent Sites

A retail outlet in Poland got their hands on early pre-release copies of Resident Evil 6 more than a month before the game's official ship date. Not only that but the chain decided to sell a few copies before finally having the plug pulled. Nevertheless, with Resident Evil 6 out in the wild footage of the game has already surfaced on YouTube and claims of torrent seeds are starting to spread.

The general consensus amongst most core fans is “Good. Capcom deserves this.” I can't blame anyone for standing up and cheering about one of Capcom's biggest money makers being leaked early, having pre-release footage spread across the internet and torrent seeds making the rounds (assuming this is as some have stated.) I've scouted out the regular places and have yet to spot the torrent but it could be making the rounds under a different name to avoid DMCA complaints.

For one thing, a lot of gamers were not pleased with Capcom's approach to Resident Evil 6, where the higher-ups saw an opportunity to cash in on the Call of Duty craze by making the game more action-oriented. This proceeded the company's experimentation with Disc-Locked Content, which eventually led to a lower BBB rating and lackluster sales for Street Fighter X Tekken.

According to the Video Gamer, Capcom's SVP Christian Svensson the release date will not be altered due to the leaks, and one gaming publication who managed to get their hands on an early release of Resident Evil 6 have stated that...

"We do not plan to spoil the game or publish a review before the embargo,"... "We collaborate with Capcom and help with their investigation on the matter. The relationship between Neo Plus and Capcom is very good."

Well we aren't Neo Plus. We have no shame. So here's some of the leaked footage from the game.

You know, I think I speak for all the uber-core fans when I say, it really does serve Capcom right.

While I doubt the torrents will damage sales much and the leaked copies won't affect the perception of the game throughout the gaming community, it's just more like a bit of payback for all the “screw you” tactics Capcom has been employing lately.

If you treat your fans like garbage, they'll more than likely take your products like a hobo taking a sandwich out of a trash can. All is fair in fandom and corporate greed.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.