Resident Evil 6 Has Secret Ada Wong Campaign, Agent Hunt Mode

Ada Wong, Resident Evil fans' favorite mystery lady, will be making an appearance in RE6. She won't be limited to a simple cameo, though. Instead, she's a playable character.

Famitsu (via Siliconera) reports that Ada can be unlocked by beating Chris, Leon and Jake's campaigns. Ada will be playable in a completely separate campaign. She's fond of working alone so it's a single-player-only experience. The lack of co-op is off-set by the fact that Ada will wield a crossbow and time bombs.

Beating RE6 will also unlock a multiplayer mode called Agent Hunt. In Agent Hunt, a player can take over control of monsters in other player's games and try to kill them. It's not completely clear whether this action takes place within the normal campaigns or in standalone missions. If it's the former, it'd be very similar to Demon's Souls or Dark Souls' multiplayer. The monster players will be able to team up with voice chat and their performance will be measured with leaderboards. Players will be warned when someone invades their game, and they'll be able to opt out of these invasions altogether.

Some players might bitch about having to finish the game to earn these two rewards but regardless, these are some beefy extras. Given Capcom's recent history, I half-expect them to sell each as DLC. It also seems plausible that they'll be a pre-order bonus for some retailers. Hopefully my cynicism is unfounded, though, and every player will have the chance to shoot crossbows and hunt other players.

Gameplay videos of both Agent Hunt and the Ada Wong campaign are below.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.