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At Gamescom, Capcom showed off the Jake Muller campaign from Resident Evil 6. This particular campaign looks like it will provoke some strong reactions from long-time series fans.

In the gameplay video, Jake Muller and companion Sherry Birkin are being attacked by J'avo. J'avo are a new type of infected that act pretty much like humans. They work together to take down the player and can also use weapons. They look normal enough, too, until they start spawning freakish limbs.

Jake is no ordinary human, either. While he primarily uses firearms to keep enemies at bay, he can also pummel them with his bare hands. At one point he even suplexes an enemy. These melee takedowns appear to be short Quick Time Events. I'm wondering if that'll get tiresome.

RE6 will have three main campaigns. The other two star series vets Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield. Once all three have been completed, a secret Ada Wong campaign will be unlocked.

RE6 will launch worldwide on October 2nd on the PS3 and Xbox 360. A PC release is also planned but undated.

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