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Today Capcom added a huge amount of multiplayer DLC for Resident Evil 6. Three new game modes will be available exclusively for Xbox 360 gamers for a limited time.

In Onslaught mode, two players try to fight off waves of enemies while also outlasting each other. Predator has one player become an Ustanak and hunt other players. Survivors mode pits a team of B.O.W.'s against a team of humans, with each dead human respawning as a B.O.W. Each mode will bring new Achievements for you to earn.

The modes can be purchased in a 720 MS Points ($9) bundle. If you're only interested in one or two modes, though, you can buy them individually for 320 MS Points ($4). Before you pull the trigger on any of the DLC, check out the gameplay footage from each.

Capcom hasn't announced the PS3 release date for this content yet. Don't be surprised if you have to wait a month, though. That's how much longer PS3 gamers have to wait to get Skyrim and Call of Duty DLC.

Still, PS3 gamers won't be bored in the meantime. Yesterday they received a free title update that introduced a No Hope difficulty level and provided Ada Wong with a co-op partner for her campaign. The same update should be available for the 360 now as well.