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The ESRB has issued their rating for Resident Evil 6. Along with pegging the game with the expected "M" rating, they provided a few details on the game itself.

In RE6, a new type of mutative virus is sweeping the globe. Players play through three campaigns set in Eastern Europe, the United States, and China. Along the way you'll have to kill plenty of infected. You will not be slipping them morphine and letting them gently shuffle off this mortal coil; the ESRB listing mentions dismemberment, decapitation and a fan blade.

The listing also talks about a boss character not previously seen: a human-spider hybrid. Apparently it's a lady human-spider and it straddles the player while caressing its human-spider breasts. The ESRB notes, though, there are no visible nipples or genitalia - this qualifier might be enough to prevent you from dropping your monocle when you play through this fight.

At this point, the RE series has thrown dozens of bizarre monstrosities at players. It doesn't surprise me that they'd start to "reach" a bit with boss concepts. I could've done without a boss that tried to sexy-time me, though.

Also, um, there's some swearing. The F-word and the S-word. Deplorable, really.

RE6 is set to debut on October 2nd on the PS3 and Xbox 360. The PC version's still undated.

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