Capcom has additional content planned for release for Resident Evil 6. While the PC version of the game will receive an exclusive mode, Capcom isn't leaving its console fans out in the cold, as the Xbox 360 and PS3 will receive a special Siege Mode to compensate for the PC version getting better graphics, an exclusive mode, more on-screen enemies and improved framerates.

The Siege Mode is a six-player affair that pits players against each other in 3-on-3 bouts, with three players taking on the role of zombies and three players taking on the role of BSAA members. The objective is for the BSAA members to protect the rookies while the zombies have to kill the rookies. If the BSAA can hold out until time expires, they win. If the zombies can kill the rookies before time expires, they win. Check it out in the new promo trailer.

Interesting game mode.

Seems like something that would have been better suited for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, but whatever.

You can look for the new mode to release for consoles, for now, as the PC rendition preps for release in the later part of the first quarter, complete with higher resolution textures, higher resolutions, improved FOV and better framerates.

For more information feel free to pay a visit to the official Resident Evil website.

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