Resident Evil 6 On-disc DLC Is Free Content

It looks like we finally have some clarity involving Capcom’s latest kerfuffle with on-disc DLC found hidden in Resident Evil 6. In short, “on-disc DLC is free, paid DLC is not on the disc.”

That quote comes directly from a Capcom announcement, which, according to poster Brelston, was announced months ago but “lost in the shuffle.” Where, exactly, in the shuffle? No idea. But apparently Capcom said it, so there!

Yeah, I’m being difficult here, but it all just seems like a bunch of B.S. to me. More on-disc DLC is discovered. Capcom tries to explain it away without actually explaining anything. Days later, they make an announcement saying, “Oh, no, you won’t be paying for this DLC. Was that what you were worried about? Because, dude, totally relax. Capcom’s got you covered on this one.”

The truth of it is that, well, we’ll never know the truth. All I know is, lots of confusion could have been avoided if Capcom would have made the “free on-disc DLC” announcement the moment the content was brought into question. As is, it just feels like a bunch of half-baked butt covering to me.

So what is this free DLC, exactly? According to the post, the first two updates, which are coming “soon,” include the No Hope difficulty which makes the game super hard, and the ability to play with a co-op partner in Ada’s story campaign. The update will also make Ada’s campaign available from the get-go.

“Some data of this update is on the disc, but said data is incomplete and requires the actual download to access. But again, free,” according to the announcement. But this still smacks of weirdness. It seems odd to release a new difficulty mode and the ability to play a certain section of the game with a co-op partner as DLC, free or otherwise. But I guess I’m not here to argue about whether or not that simply means that Resident Evil 6 shipped unfinished in the first place.

As for future paid DLC, Capcom said that will include things like multiplayer modes, which are absolutely not on the disc. Still, I’d suggest you keep an eye on those file sizes once said paid DLC finally releases. If you’re looking at just a 100KB download, try not to feel too betrayed. Again.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.