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Next week Capcom plans to release a free single-player mission for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. This mission, which starts the US Spec-Ops team sent to investigate the infested city, will be the start of an entire DLC campaign.

The Spec Ops team's objective is to find any evidence of Umbrella's involvement in the zombie outbreak. They must also do what they can to help any survivors they encounter. This DLC will be the first time, outside of multiplayer, that the Spec Ops team is playable.

"On Tuesday April 10, PS3 and 360 players can download the first Spec-Ops mission pack for free," says Capcom. "This kicks off a whole new Spec-Ops campaign, which will be told through this free episode, as well as six additional missions that'll arrive as paid DLC down the line. Developer Slant Six has also created four new multiplayer maps for purchase."

At some point in this campaign, you'll even encounter Jill Valentine. You'll see a scene from Resident Evil 3 from a different perspective.

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