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Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles Fact Sheet For Wii

So you’ve seen the trailer already, showing off the head-bursting shoot-outs and first-person throwbacks to old-school light-gun antics. But now it’s time to get the facts down straight for this upcoming rail-shooting, Wii-mote wielding action title that spans the likes of just about every Resident Evil game.

Capcom is making sure that Nintendo’s little Wii isn’t left behind before it gets out of the gate. Not like what happened with the Gamecube, anyway. Just a couple of months after release the Wii is already receiving grade-A treatment from top-tier publishers, which includes two new Resident Evil titles (although, one is a re-release).

Below is a fact sheet for the upcoming Resident Evil: Umbrella Conspiracy, which mixes light-gun like action, multiple pathways and new enemies into the mix that really adds heightened depth to the overall Wii-mote playing experience.

Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles Fact Sheet:

• 480p and 16:9 Widescreen support

• Certain weapons can destroy environments and items. Shoot objects and watch them splinter, explode and disintegrate.

• Interactive paths – choose various routes and pathways through the game, allowing for multiple levels of replayability

• Multiple weapons, including pistols, submachine guns, rocket launchers, the trusty knife, grenades and many more.

• Classic locations from previous Resident Evil games in full 3D, including the mansion from the original and RE 0, and elements of Raccoon City from RE2 and 3.

• Umbrella's stronghold, a new location, holds many secrets to events throughout the RE series

• Returning characters from many RE games, including Billy Coen, Rebecca Chambers, Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira.