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After announcing their Kickstarter recently, DarkSea Games has taken their community-driven efforts to Steam's Greenlight, where the community can vote-up the newly announced title so that one day it may appear on Steam's store.

Originally, the game appeared over the weekend and has old-school gamers trying to rally support to get some recognition going and drive the Kickstarter home past the $160,000 mark.

Only a couple of days in and the team has already generated $47,000. With an additional presence on Kickstarter, perhaps they can go ahead and rack up the necessary $160,000 that they need.

The game came onto the scene with an explosive gameplay trailer tailored to the hardcore enthusiast looking for a really fun, unique action racing game that we just don't get anymore. The tired and stale racing genre has become oversaturated with “Me Too” racers all basically trying to do the same thing with the same concepts. Boring is a word that truly undervalues the stagnancy of the racing genre, mostly due to a company who royally has and continues to rape my favorite hobby.

Anyway, you can contribute to a real developer making a real game because they're passionate, artistic and creative, instead of feeding $60 to a bunch of pimps in Armani suits who work as legal thieves in the Corporate States of America.

For more information on Road Redemption feel free to visit the official Steam Greenlight page.

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