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You may not have to wait long for the third installment of open-world action series Just Cause. A new rumor suggests that Avalanche Studios, the developer of the first two games in the series, is currently working on Just Cause 3.

"Our spies say devs Avalanche are hard at work as we speak, and that it's set for release next year," says a blurb in the latest issue of Xbox World.

The JC series stars Rico Rodriguez, an operative for the secretive organization known as the Agency. In each of the two games, he was inserted into a small island country and tasked with overthrowing its dictator. The resulting game is sort of like Mercenaries. Players travel through a massive open-world environment and perform missions to weaken the government and assist the local resistance.

Avalanche released top-down vehicle shooter Renegade Ops this fall on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. They've yet to announce any upcoming projects. It seems plausible that they'd return to their flagship series and make a third entry.

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