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A site covering all things Star Wars related picked up on a trail of breadcrumbs left by Game Informer hinting that the January 5th reveal of the next issue of the popular print magazine will be the month that Star Wars: Battlefront 3 officially gets revealed.

Okay, so here's how it goes: Gloom Walkers first noticed that Game Informer picked up on some tweets that lead them to publishing a rumor article about Battlefront 3 and the possibility of the game being in development at Spark Studios. Next up, Game Informer did a wish list of the top things they would like to see in the next Battlefront game. This followed on the news that Game Informer would be unveiling a top game in an upcoming issue of the magazine.

All right, so this rumor is kind of thin but it the evidence leading up to the rumor seems plausible enough. Personally, I doubt that the reveal will be Star Wars: Battlefront 3...there's just nothing for developers or publishers to gain from the series as a technically evolved franchise unless they plan to do a quick cash job. I would hate to see a Battlefront game made just for the sake of being made, it would only hurt the franchise and the reputation of future Battlefront games.

Then again, even if it is Battlefront 3 it's possible that it could be revealed for a next-gen release, which would be pretty exciting, and the game could get the proper treatment it deserves with all the bells and whistles required to make an epic Star Wars game.