Coffee Stain Studios have announced that they plan on sticking with the Unreal Engine 3 for a long time…five years to be exact. The small indie studio originally won the $1 million dollar contest with their award winning UT 3 mod, Sanctum, which is now becoming a standalone game thanks to the free UDK that Epic allows developers to use at no charge.

Coffee Stain Studios isn’t entirely satisfied with leaving their game as a branching mod of Unreal Tournament 3, though, which is why they signed the deal to use the UE3 and sell Sanctum as a real game.

Anton Westbergh, co-founder and CEO, Coffee Stain Studios commented in the press release, saying…
“Taking 'Sanctum' from a 'UT3' mod to a full source UE3 game has been a natural step for us, and Epic has been very helpful the whole way,"… "Using UE3 gives us the ability to work seamlessly across all disciplines using superior tools and support, and that beats out any other alternative."

The tower defense game is just one of many projects from studios and developers who have recently signed on to publish games using the Unreal Engine 3, including Warner Bros Interactive, amongst others.

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