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Do you remember the very first Spyro The Dragon game on PlayStation? The graphics were blocky and unrealistic, but it was a darn-good platformer with a good deal of difficulty. Plus, Spyro’s character was well-developed into this fiery and snarky protagonist. But now, someone has taken the old Spyro that we know and love and transformed him in Unreal Engine 4—and it looks pretty amazing.


User IamMurloc is working on an Unreal Engine 4 rendition of the game and was able to include a couple screenshots from his progress in the first stage.


And he’s not the only one who has attempted to reconstruct the game in Unreal Engine 4. YouTube user Jamie Shilvock posted a video of the level, “Artisans Homeworld” which showcases the level completely redone in Unreal Engine 4. So maybe it’s enough to hold us over until IamMurloc decides to release a video of his creation.

If you aren’t sure exactly what you’re looking at or just how drastic of a difference Unreal Engine 4 is, take a look at the original Artisans Homeworld below.

Obviously, the textures are smoother and the grass looks tall and lush, while in the earlier version, the grass is just a flat, green floor. It’s amazing what you can do with a newer and stronger game engine, and I think it completely changes the look and feel of the game. But is that a good thing or a bad thing? If Spyro The Dragon was officially remade in Unreal Engine 4, I don’t think I would complain—on one condition: The developer keeps the original character design of Spyro and not replace him with Skylanders Spyro, or any other alien design, for that matter.


So while we wait to see what else IamMurloc will do with Spyro, we can rewatch other Unreal Engine 4 recreations and continue hoping on a wish that just won’t come true. ”image