The Kickstarter campaign for single-player RPG Shadowrun Returns has been a smashing success. Less than a week after starting the fund-raising drive, developer Harebrained Schemes LLC has received almost double their goal of $400,000.

Shadowrun Returns is inspired by a pen-and-paper role-playing game. Players assemble a team of mercenaries and perform black ops in a setting that combines cyberpunk and fantasy. The game itself featured turn-based combat and interactive stories. A mission editor will be included so that players can spin their own tales in this world.

The extra funding that Harebrained has received will allow the team to expand the game further. Returns will now be available on the Mac in addition to the PC. Also, they're adding support for three more languages: German, French and Spanish.

Even if you're not a German guy with a Mac, though, you'll still see some benefit from the extra cash because they're adding Riggers. Riggers use cybernetic implants to directly control vehicles or drones. They're the closest thing that Shadowrun has to a "pet class."

There are still 19 days to go until Shadowrun Returns' Kickstarter campaign ends. If the fund-raising total hits the $1 million mark, they'll add even more features:
  • A second city to explore. Which city? Well, that will be for Backers to decide! We’ll create a list of cool places for you to vote on. More on that later!
  • A more powerful and more accessible (less ugly) mission editor, so more people can tell deeper stories in the world of Shadowrun.
  • A musical score that resonates like the SNES and Genesis soundtracks did in the Long-Ago.
Harebrained is trying to keep the game focused on core design principles. As such, they won't be adding PvP or co-op. The game won't make its way to Linux, either.

Shadowrun Returns is expected in January of next year.

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