Sims 3 Into The Future Expansion Includes Jetpacks, Hoverboards

We may never live to see the day that jetpacks are commonplace. However, our Sims will be able to experience such glory days in the Sims 3 expansion Into The Future.

The expansion pack allows players to send their Sims hundreds of years into the future. Here, in the world of New Arcadia, they'll be able to travel via monorail, jetpack or hoverboard. They can also get new hairstyles and clothing (silver jumpsuits for all!) to fit into this new era. The expansion packs includes several futuristic furnishings for Sims' homes including glass floors, tube elevators and holographic televisions.

Players will also be able to create their own robots. The personalities of these "Plumbots" can be customized with trait chips. Each Plumbot can hold up to seven trait chips, so there's loads of possible personalities to create. The Sims 3 website implies you can make an evil robonanny.

There are plenty of diversions outside the home as well. Players can visit a shopping plaza to buy new gadgets and apparel from automated vendors. They can also pursue new careers such as Plumbot dealer or astronomer. They can even explore "the wasteland" in search of relics.

Most importantly, though, Into the Future lets you screw with the time-space continuum. Actions that the Sims take in the present will affect their descendants hundreds of years later. Have fun turning the future into a post-apocalyptic hellscape.

Into the Future is in development for PC and Mac. The countdown on the Sims 3 website says that the expansion will be available in 90 days, which would put the release date at October 22nd. That sounds about right, as it's a Tuesday. The European launch will likely follow later in that week.

This expansion will be the 11th release for Sims 3. Previous expansion packs have introduced werewolves and keg stands, among other things. Future could be one of the last expansions, as EA prepares to release Sims 4 next year.

The first screenshots and trailer for Into the Future are below.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.