Two new games on Steam's Greenlight service have been making waves and turning heads with their unique gameplay elements and visually impressive aesthetic designs. Skylands is what everyone says Kid Icarus: Uprising should have been, and Krautscape is like an awesome mix of Mario Kart and Wipeout.

I was really blown away by both games given that they completely take the entirety of what you're used to seeing from indie titles and turning them on their head. These games aren't pixelated hipster titles that only bring out a modicum of fun when you have a Jaegermeister and a bong on hand, these games are some high-concept rollers with some impressive design gameplay mechanics to boot.

Heck, just check out the promo trailer for Skylands from the indie studio, Dopamine Shot, which is made up of only five students. Everything you witness in the video below was designed from the ground up, complete with a custom game engine, in just nine months.

That almost puts some big budget games to shame. For shame.

The game is about Ura, out to save her captured brother in a strange and beautiful land. The game reminds me a lot of thatgamecompany's Cloud fused with StarFox. There's a really strong sense of zen gameplay at its core and the game seems to shine being out in left field with such a neat design.

Let's not forget about the other game on the list, though... Krautscape. Now this game here hit me over the head like a sack of bricks made out of nostalgia. It's a brute-force concept in fun and it's completely unapologetic about it.

The game is a multiplayer (or single-player) kart-style racing game, except you're not in karts, you're in a glider on wheels. At any time you can fly off the track and glide to different parts. While it might seem like a feature such as this would promote cheating, it's actually quite the opposite since flying is a lot slower than driving. Hence, you have to make calculated decisions to determine if it's worth leaving the track to glide to the finish line or risk your mad drifting skills against opponents on dangerous and unpredictable tracks.

If that mild description above got you all hot and bothered like you got kicked in the stomach with the boot of fond memories filled with weekends of Wacky Wheels, Mario Kart 64 and a bit of Pilot Wings, then stick around to check out the super-awesome trailer for the game below.

One minute and sixteen seconds of pure awesome is what that was.

I love games with options and Krautscape brings the options. It's hard to believe this is an indie title, too. Nevertheless, both Krautscape and Skylands needs your help on Steam's Greenlight in order to make it to the store page.

If you feel either game is worth your money, feel free to give the game an upvote and a favorite over on the official Krautscape page and the official Skylands page.

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