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Guncraft And Papers, Please Has Officially Launched On Steam

[Update: Guncraft is now available on Steam]

Exato Games and 3909 have both received the privileged opportunity to have gamers the world around experience their highly praised titles on Valve's digital distribution platform, Steam. Both Guncraft and Papers, Please have officially launched and are available right now on Steam.

For the die-hards who have been waiting since forever to add these games to their Steam library can do so right now. Some of you may have read the headline, hit the little 'x' on your web browser, opened up Steam and started salivating while adding these items to your cart. Some of you may need a bit of convincing and will still hit the little 'x' button on this tab and head off to read the latest non-review from Rock, Paper, Shotung (or dare I say... check the Metacritic scores).

For the few of you left still hovering over the flimsy structure of this news page, you're probably waiting for words of enticement to get you to click that “Add To Cart” button that is tempting you like a big, juicy hotdog with just the right amount of ketchup, mustard and a dash of onion from that corner cart just outside your place. Well, my words of enticement are: These games rock, they're cheap, you should support indies. There.

For anyone looking for a bit more pitch from the piper, I'll refer you to a quote from John Getty, lead developer of Guncraft and founder of Exato Game Studios, who says...

“For Guncraft to release to gamers worldwide on Steam is truly a great achievement for our development team,”. “When we were selected to be released on Steam through Greenlight, it validated all the hard development work that went into Guncraft. I’m looking forward to seeing the wonderful creativity from Steam gamers.”

For Guncraft, the game is about equivalent to Battlefield meets Minecraft. Players can create structures, weapons, ballistics, artillery and all sorts of cool stuff using the built-in editor, and then cooler yet, you can drop in your custom creations right into the game during the middle of battle. It's unbelievably awesome.

Like to snipe but the stage doesn't have a proper sniper's nest? No prob, just use your prefabricated nest and drop it into the stage. Need a flying pirate ship with a bunch of turrets so you can rain down pain like fire from the sky on unsuspecting foes? No prob, just drop it in from the prefab list. Need suppression mounds on a battlefield that has no cover fire? No prob, just drop it in.

Guncraft is a pretty awesome game with some amazing game modes, including a Mario Kart style mode, an armageddon mode, deathmatch, survival, and more. Get some friends, build some blocks and then burn it all down.

Papers, Please is just the opposite of Exato Games' emergent, action game. The game takes place in a communist Arstotzka, where players assume the role of an immigration inspector after the end of a six-year war.

The game is an extremely intense affair into the public safety sector where it's your job to weed out spies, terrorists, smugglers and illegal immigrants. Players will have to do background checks, compare fingerprints and all the other stuff associated with being a no-holds-barred immigration inspector. Intensity starts with the papers.

You can pick up both games on Steam right now.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.