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After weeks of teasing, Bethesda finally announced the first downloadable content for their open-world RPG Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The Dawnguard DLC will be arriving in a few months.

The teaser image for the DLC shows the usual Nord hero featured in the game's marketing. However, he's a bit different this time around. His eyes have a strange yellow glow to them. Does that mean the player will be receiving new powers in this game?

The latest patch for Skyrim supposedly contained some clues about the content. A user dug around in the patch files and found references to crossbows and snow elves. I can only assume that the player kills snow elves with a crossbow and then forms a Nord death metal band named Dawnguard.

Bethesda says that Dawnguard will debut on the Xbox 360 this summer. If you recall, the first two DLC packs for Skyrim will be timed exclusives for the 360. PS3 and PC gamers will have to wait at least an additional 30 days to get their hands on this new content.

A summer release is probably a longer wait than most Skyrim fans were expecting. It's been several months since Skyrim's launch, after all. The added wait just means expectations will be even higher. It suggests that this DLC will be pretty huge, too.

While summer technically starts at the end of May, don't expect it that soon. Bethesda says that they're waiting until E3 in early June to announce more details on Dawnguard.

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