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Snoop Dogg's Way Of The Dogg Launches For Xbox Live

Snoop Dogg or Snoop Lion, is proud to present to you, in collaboration with 505 Games and Echo Peak Studios, Way of the Dogg. No, I'm not joking or kidding you or pulling your tail, this game is real and it's available right now and the launch trailer kind of proves it's not a practical joke.

I have to be honest: this game doesn't look all that bad. I'm not fond of QTE-only games but, a rhythm-based fighting game actually makes a lot of sense. It feels like the one thing that could be explored more are rhythm-based fighting games and based on that trailer it looks functional and kind of reminds me a little bit of PaRappa meets Kung-Fu Strike.

The typical gangsta-storyline meets kung-fu prodigy and the rise from the depths of despair in the ghetto to a master of martial arts and revenge seeker is typical Blaxplotation, but if it's all fun and the story leaves enough room for laughs, cheers and a few fist-pumps then what's the harm?

You can pick up a digital copy of Way of the Dogg right now for Xbox Live. The game is scheduled to release soon for the PlayStation Network and mobile devices soon. You can learn more by paying a visit tot he game's official website.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.