Someone Is Making An Elaborate Titanic Video Game, Get The Details

If you’ve ever thought about what it must’ve been like to be on the Titanic as it sank, you probably weren’t the only one. And when the Titanic feature film released in 1997 starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, everyone had Titanic on the brain. And now a team of three guys is working to resurrect interest in the world-altering disaster. 

A few days ago, a video surfaced on YouTube that depicted a computer-generated image of the almighty Titanic sinking in real-time, so it’s about two hours and 40 minutes long. If you watch the entire thing or skip through, you can see the ship slowly sinking beneath the Atlantic waters until it finally pops into the air at the end and sinks to the bottom. It’s a horrifying and morbid experience that you somehow just can’t look away from. 

The video has garnered almost 2 million views in just five days. The “core” team of developer Four Funnels Entertainment includes writer, manager and director Thomas Lynskey, interior modeler Matthew DeWinkleleer and exterior and technical modeler Kyle Hudak. Hilariously, each member has their image photoshopped on the background of a room in the Titanic

The game currently in development has been titled Titanic Honor And Glory and gives players the chance to experience the sinking of the Titanic first-hand. You can explore the ship as it sinks in real time, up until the very moment it dips into the Atlantic Ocean. Check out the trailer below.

Players take control of passenger Mr. Robert Morgan who is trying desperately to escape the police because of a crime he didn’t commit. The player must unravel the mystery and find the real criminal before time runs out and the Titanic meets its untimely demise.  Titanic Honor And Glory isn’t only limited to exploring the ship. There will also be a segment in the game where you can explore Southampton as it appeared in early 1912. And using super-realistic graphics in Unreal Engine 4, it’s as if the age of the Titanic is being brought to life all over again. 

The last Titanic game I ever played was sometime back in the 90’s or early 00’s and it was on the PC. The player had to solve some mystery about the sinking of the Titanic and the ship felt abandoned with a few key characters skulking around as you explored. Back when the Titanic movie came out, I became obsessed with the disaster and learned everything I could about it. But that lone PC game was something I thought would never be revisited. But now seeing this new game in development with some overly stunning graphics compared to what I was playing is reigniting my interest all over again. 

There isn't an official release date yet, but there is a rough playable demo for both PC and Mac so you can get an idea of the style of gameplay. While it has roots in historical education, I am hoping this game doesn't fly too far under the radar. For more information, check out their website