Could Jack Have Survived Titanic With Rose? Here's What Kate Winslet Said

While Titanic has become one of the most popular love stories ever told, many fans still complain about one thing: Leonardo DiCaprio’s character, Jack, dying. Well, Kate Winslet finally addressed those complaints, and she thinks they're actually spot on. There's no reason why Jack and Rose couldn't have shared the makeshift raft.

In a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live Kimmel spoke to Kate Winslet about the recent internet freakout that occurred when Kate and Leo were seen together at the Golden Globe Awards. As part of the conversation, he blamed her for Jack’s freezing to death in the movie. Surprisingly, Winslet graciously accepted the criticism.

I agree, I think he could have actually fit on that bit of door.

So now it’s pretty much definitive. The end of Titanic is a complete sham. The two could have lived happily ever after together. Obviously, it was just that terrible James Cameron who wrote the screenplay who demanded that Jack die. Alternatively, he could have also written a smaller piece of floating debris that would have made Jack’s sacrifice appear more noble. Now it just looks dumb. They didn’t seem to try that hard to bring Jack to safety. Even if Rose fell off trying to pull him up, Jack could still help her get back up, right? Maybe these two were just really lazy.

Kate Winslet merely confirms what we’ve known for a couple of years. Back in 2012 the Mythbusters put Titanic’s finale to the test and also showed that they were able to get both people up onto the floating door with a minimum of complications. They also proved that survival on the door while waiting for rescue was completely feasible, as long as they used Rose's life jacket to help with the door's buoyancy to keep them afloat. Once again we’re left with nothing but the belief that James Cameron is a vindictive monster who enjoys murdering characters in order to eat the hearts out of his emotionally invested viewers. Check out Kate Winslet's comments below.

Still, as Kate Winslet herself points out, it’s "lovely" how much people still care enough about the story to be upset over the ending, or to get excited when Leonardo DiCaprio and Winslet are together on camera. Titanic is, after all, the second highest grossing movie of all-time, and it’s clear how it achieved that level of success considering how much fans are still in love with it. And it’s possible that the movie may not have resonated with people quite as much if Jack had survived. Maybe James Cameron isn’t a heartless bastard.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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